Julia Titus is an actress, poet, singer and songwriter born in the UK and has been singing for many years in various bands as backing singer and lead vocalist and performing in many plays. Julia has performed in many countries and has worked with such people as Vin Gordon, Lindel Lewis and Mafia and Fluxy to date and has shared the same stage with people like Jah Cure, TKO, Judy Boucher, Bomani and Winston SoSo.

Apart from writing and performing her own songs and poetry Julia currently sings with a number of Bands including: Ma Bessie and her Pigfoot Band and The Hurricane Force Steel Band.

Her self penned tribute to the families and victims of the 911 disaster called “I forgot to say I love you” is remixed for the album in a funky style. “When I sing this song people hold hands and cry together” It means exactly what it says in the title and was first recorded after a dear cousin of mine was shot dead by Police in Jamaica. This songs breaks all boundaries of colour, religion, geography and status I could go on but everyone can relate to losing someone

She lives simply and honestly with those around her whilst she encourages them to realise the power they hold within themselves, the great positive things they are able to do and the intense comfort that music can be to them as it has been to her. “Suffer” How many people have to…