Debut Album “Life Is Too Short”

jjMy name is Julia Titus and I am a freelance performer.   I have a BA Honours Degree in Community Theatre and many years experience in performance.

I have been singing from the age of 4 and have recently embarked on a new solo venture.  I am  available to perform, not only with bands I collaborate with, but can now also be booked for solo performances with my own PA using backing tracks.

For the past 4 years I have been working on my own album.  As it is self funded it has been a very long journey BUT on January 17th 2015 I performed my album live to a completely sold out  venue (South Street Arts Centre) in Reading.  Why this date you may ask?  It is my birth date and 5 years to the day that I promised to do my album to everyone that was at my birthday party.  Losing a dear friend actually spurred me on to achieve this lifelong ambition.